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Here at Winner's Gymnastics, we offer XCEL Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. These teams will be competing against other gym's XCEL teams at meets across different states. They will have the opportunity to travel and compete. This can also lead to a earning a scholarship from the gym.    


Junior Olympics

The Junior Olympics Program consists of Level 2 all of the way to Level 10 and Elite. 

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What Does it mean to be a Winner?

USAG is the governing body for Junior Olympic and Olympic-bound gymnasts. Winner's participates in 2 USAG programs, the Junior Olympic Program and the Xcel Program.The main gymnastics levels is the Junior Olympic (JO)  Program levels. There is another program run by USA gymnastics, the Xcel Program, with its own set of levels. These are two separate sets of levels. If you complete all JO levels, you move on to the Elite program. The Elite level is basically gymnastics’ version of going pro. The Xcel Program offers more flexibility that Xcel is not required to compete all around and could compete on selective events. The Junior Olympic Program is required to compete on every event and must complete past specific requirements on each event on a given level before advancing to the next.

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