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 Gymnastic Coach 

       Wei Zhang

Zhang Wei (1968--) famous gymnast and coach, born in October 1968. Wei was trained by his father Zhang Fuzhi when he was 4. In 1979 Wei was selected for Liaoning Province Sports School gymnastics team, after entering the recreational gymnastics classes in Yingkou.


From 1980 to 1984 Wei entered the Beijing Institute of Competitive Sports, and joined the national gymnastics team. From 1984 to 1990 he was fully committed to the  team. In 1990, he was then assigned the China National Gymnastics team coach position.

Zhang Wei won the National Grand Prix in 1979 and performed on horizontal bar, parallel bars, rings, and his floor routine, and received five personal all-around championships, and received 2nd place on vault and pommel horse during the National Youth Championships hosted in 1979.


In 1982, he performed in the National Youth Floor Championship, and received 1st place in individuals, three 1st place titles, and 2nd place on parallel bars vault.


In 1986, he began to participate in the World Series. He performed 6 times in the International Gymnastics Championships, and has won 12 championships, 8 2nd place, and 4 third place, winning glory for the country.

Since 1990, he has been the leading coach for the Chinese National Gymnastics Team and has trained many outstanding young gymnasts from China. Among his students, the most famous gymnasts are Shen Jian, Cheng Liang and Li Bo. With his leadership, they have won countless International Gymnastics Competition. In April,1995 he became the Los Angeles gymnastics Association Gymnastics Coach, and trained a group of successful gymnasts who achieved outstanding results in the United States.


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