Clarifications Regarding Team/Competitions/Recreational Fees - Updated March 21

Due to the seriousness of the Covid19 pandemic, Winner’s is following the CDC’s recommendations on how to best practice health and safety measurements.


We have been vigilant regarding hygiene(wiping down mats and equipment with disinfectant) and health safety(staying up to date with information) since before Covid19 was declared a pandemic.


Our decision to reopen classes and team training until April 3rd, is meant to protect our community.

Regarding Recreational class fees already made for this month, your payment will be rolled over into April, you will only have to pay the difference.

Regarding payments to team/competition fees for 2020, which has been cut short due to USAG, your remaining payment will similarly be credited into the 2021 season quarterly meet fees.

Those that have already paid competition/team fees for 2021, do not worry, as of now USAG has not cancelled any events for 2021.

Teams will go on early vacation, which is typically 1 week, and the following week of no training, will be credited into April’s tuition.

Winner's events such as the Katelyn Ohashi fundraiser and Glow in the Dark night will be pushed to June as well.

We will continue to be vigilant and do our best regarding our community and member's health.

Thank you for your trust and understanding.


Please visit the for more info on how we decided to take measures and how you can keep your family safe.

- Winner's Gymnastics

March 27 Update | Online Classes

 Katelyn Ohashi rescheduled to June 16 @ 4 PM. Fundraising will end June 10th Wednesday 11:59PM.

Coach Cara’s level 3 is now online, please contact coach Cara for signing up.

Privates are available, you may contact your preferred coaches to schedule.

Recreational classes for May is online, check our website and email for updates.

Recreational and Team classes are updated by email, and iClassPro, payments will be handled online as currently our office is closed. Team members will need to confirm with their coaches.

Team parents please stay informed as we will be adding a training schedule for April.

Currently we are expecting to reopen Recreational classes May 4th.

We are still a strong community, tag us on social media/stories

@winnersgymnastics so we can all keep in touch!


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